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Siirciler Reklam Alanı

Personal Accident Insurance Dubai

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"Motor Insurance is the best and smartest decision taken by any car owner."

A motor insurance is a mandatory policy issued by an insurance company to protect the general public from any accident that might take place on the road. Taking a motor insurance is as important as taking a new motor vehicle. The motor insurance helps the owner in case of any damages to the car due to unforeseen mishaps. Child Education Plans Dubai - -it9337111.html will look after the financial part of the damages incurred to the car and that is a sigh of relief for the car owner.

With proper motor insurance, protection can be provided for eventualities if the holder has proper valid UAE driving license, has not consumed alcohol or drugs, and your car is legally registered. The holder has the option of choosing from comprehensive motor insurance and third party motor insurance. A comprehensive motor insurance will cover your own car from accidents, fire, explosions, theft as well as offer third party coverage - for death or injury to a third party or damage to his or her car or property.

Before deciding on a comprehensive motor insurance, one has to check all clauses since motor insurance policies may differ according to:

• Geographical coverage.

• Coverage for driver’s household members and passengers including employees.

• Medical expenses coverage.

• Agency repair.

• Roadside assistance.

• Temporary replacement car, a no-claim bonus when renewing your insurance.

• Covers off-road driving. offer solutions that meet the requirement of car owners with benefits at best prices. Omega provides various comprehensive policies like:

• Off Road Cover - covers the insured vehicle in an accident that occurs off road.

• Natural Perils (Storm/Food) – covers accidental - loss of or damage to the vehicle due to natural calamities like storm and flood.

• Agency repair - covers accidental damage of the insured within UAE over the manufacturer’s authorized dealers.

• Hire Car (Rent a car facility) - In case of any accident, Omega provides the offer of hiring a car at your place and collect the car after the repairs are completed.

• Roadside Assistance - covers if the travel is by a private vehicle and there is extensive breakdown along with accident recovery.

• Personal Accident cover for driver and passengers - In the event of any unforeseen incident or serious body injuries sustained while using the vehicle, omega offers compensation to the driver and passengers.

• GCC cover – offers support across GCC on loss of or damage to your vehicle.

For further enquiries and assistance, please feel free to call +971 (0)4 3024 555 or email

Siirciler Reklam Alanı

Siirciler Reklam Alanı